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Chirping is a rare and mysterious phenomenon among Guinea pigs. When you hear this sound, you will think that a bird flew into your house as chirping Guinea pigs sound very bird-like. As fascinating as it seems, chirping is the least understood as it doesn’t usually happen in all cavies. 29/06/2011 · So about an hour ago around 11pm I was in my room, and I heard this noise that sounded like a bird, and it was chirping really fast. I thought it was coming from my parents room, across from my room, but it was actually coming from the other side of the house! That's how loud it was. I heard my sister shout that a bird was in the guinea pig. 08/08/2017 · No one knows. they sound just like little birds. I've heard some of my past pigs do it a couple of times. The first time I thought a bird got into the chimney! Apparently it's a sound whose purpose is really not known. Other guinea pigs certainly do take notice, though! Guinea pigs can make bird-like sounds, which we call ‘chirping’. Whoever comes across them for the first time is often extremely surprised and pretty puzzled! However, chirping is pretty rare. Even as a long term owner you may never hear it! In order to be the best owner you can possibly be, you need to understand what and how your guinea pig is feeling at all times. Unfortunately for us human owners, our little friends can’t speak to us in our native tongue, which is why it’s important to understand guinea pigs through the sounds.

Shrieking Shrieking sounds like a very sharp, high pitched wheek and it means your guinea pig has suffered pain or they may be very afraid. You may hear this sound if a guinea pig has nipped a cage mate or you may hear several shrieks if your vet has given an injection. In fact, guinea pigs use sounds as a primary means of communication, and since they are herd animals, sounds are also their means of maintaining social rank. Understanding guinea pig sounds is one of the basic prerequisites for understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. Once you master these, you will be able to serve your masters better. 03/07/2007 · You'll definetly know the difference between chirping and other guinea pig sounds when you hear it! Only one of my girls has ever chirped. A guinea pig that's regularly making hooting sounds should be examined by a vet. It has to do with their breathing I think, and has been linked to heart issues. 07/02/2015 · There is usually no obvious reason why she is doing it. Guinea pigs seem to chirp more often in the evenings or at night, but they can do it anytime. It is still one of the big mysteries about guinea pigs! Chirping can also differ; sometimes it is pretty monotone, but sometimes, it resembles a more melodic birdsong.

12/04/2010 · It does make me wonder if perhaps guinea pigs are capable of copying a sound that's within their range and pitch for example some bird noises even though it isn't a noise regularly made by other guinea pigs. It's just a theory, but could it be possible they are copying a noise from their environment rather than their peers? Chirping: One strange guinea pig sound you may observe is a chirping noise, often made when your guinea pig is in a trance-like state. This mysterious behavior is not fully understood, but is more often seen in guinea pigs that have recently lost a partner. Guinea pigs make several different noises, and each has a different meaning. So what do guinea pig sounds mean? Let’s take a proper look at guinea pig sounds and their meanings now by taking each type in turn. While some of these sounds take a keen ear to identify, you should have no problem once you get to know your guinea pig’s sounds. Do guinea pigs make croaking and chirping sounds? Yes! Guinea pigs have a whole plethora of vocal noises. Some are slightly more obvious than others and can have a reason for them. Squeaking is most often about excitement, for example the anticipation of getting a tasty food treat. The Guinea got scared for some unknown reason and jumped out of my girlfriend's arms and fell down hard. That night, the female Guinea woke us up with some very strange sounds. She sounded like a chirping bird. Since then, she sometimes repeats these sounds most often at night, but not always.

Pet guinea pigs make different sounds, and if you are wondering about your pet chirping sound, then you have come to the right page. Here, you will get to know why guinea pigs chirp or what they are saying when they make chirping sound. When Foot Foot would start chirping, sometimes she was so loud that I had to put her temporarily in another room just so I could get some sleep. She didn't complain about it. Although the sound can be annoying and unpredictable, it does eventually go away. All in all, chirping in guinea pigs is a minor inconvenient mystery at most.

Guinea pig purring. This is another sound of a relaxed and comfortable guinea pig. They make this sound when seeking or enjoying a physical contact. The most common situations are when your are stroking your pet or it is groomed by another guinea pig. The sound resembles cat’s purr but is lower and more consistent. Do guinea pigs make croaking and chirping sounds? Answer. Wiki User 10/11/2011. Yes! Guinea pigs have a whole plethora of vocal noises. Some are slightly more obvious than others and can have a reason for them. Squeaking is most often about excitement, for example the anticipation of getting a.

Guinea Pig Noises. There are so many different Guinea Pig noises it’s difficult to accurately describe them with words. Despite this, once you’ve listened to your guinea pig sounds I’m positive you’ll be able to classify it based on your pet’s situation and the guinea pig noises description below. As an old guinea pig owner, I know that guinea pigs communicate through a variety of sounds, including a chirp or whistle-like noise. Unfortunately, chirping is one of the more mysterious noises they make. Many have tried to decipher the meaning behind the chirps, but there is not a clear answer. A guinea pig chirping sounds very similar to a bird.

Ever wonder what your Guinea Pig is saying? Try to see if you can match these sounds to the sounds your Guinea Pig makes!! Hungry Pig; Lonely Pig; Happy Pig; Curious Pig; Angry Pig; Keep Away; Ooh Lah Lah; Stressed Pig; Chirping Pig. 15/06/2013 · I just have to share my experience that literally scared me to death! I have heard that in rare occassions that some GP may chirp like a bird but for whatever reason, no-one is really sure why. I had this experience with my 3mo old Peruvian two days ago. I came home from work & when I walked in I was not greeted by my trio in the normal. One of my guinea pigs has recently begun "chirping" from time to time. Yes, chirping. It sounds just like a canary or sparrow. Although she seems healthy I'm concerned because I've never heard such an unusual noise from any of my guinea pigs. 10/05/2010 · Last night I was woken up by a strange sound at about 2 am. My guinea pigs are in a the room next to mine, and I had my door closed and tv on and it still woke me up. I thought it was the fire alarm beeping at first:confused: I googled it and saw that it's kind of common in sows I have two boars and was wondering if it has to do with. Did you know that Guinea Pigs can chirp and sing like a bird? No kidding! Yes just like a bird. People wonder how on earth did a bird get in the house, that is how much it sounds like a bird. But that is not all that is amazing, the most fascinating part for me [].

Understanding Guinea Pig Sounds. Guinea Pigs have developed a wide range of sounds and noises to communicate with fellow Guinea Pigs and humans alike. By understanding the different sounds, we are able to identify when our pets are happy, sad, excited or frightened, which is key in understanding our little buddy’s needs and moods. If your guinea pig is making noises that sound to you like barks, he is probably chirping, chutting or even wheeking. Guinea pigs have a wide range of vocalizations. Your guinea pig is an individual with his own voice, and it is quite possible that his unique voice or manner of vocalization just happens to sound like barking.

Guinea Pigs. Why do guinea pig's make a chirping noise? Answer. Wiki User March 25, 2010 1:56AM. sometimes they do it if they are scared and dont want to be picked up and sometimes they do it when they r happy. Related Questions. Asked in Guinea Pigs.

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